Friday, February 19, 2010

Riley's ditch day

Today was Riley's ditch day. I stole the idea from some other good moms in the ward. I let my kids have one ditch day a school year when they can choose what we do for the day. Riley wanted to see Percy Jackson and the Olympians. I didn't mind cuz I read the books and really enjoyed them. Pretty good movie. (I am going on a tangent though. Why do directors sometimes go so off base and leave out relevant pieces from books. Obviously the book is good enough to be made into a movie. Why then leave so much out and then go off track and change it from it's true form? Just wondering.) Anywho we went to an early movie. Best time to see movies by the way when school is in session. Not too crowded. Then Riley had some money burning a hole in her pocket from her bday. We went to the pet store to look at the puppies. Then to Border's to pick out more books. It was off to Toys R Us to check that store out. She was able to reserve her copy of Pokemon HeartGold for her DS. Last stop Target to get a stuffed animal (like she needs anymore), presents for her friend's bday and Kristina's bday and party supplies for her party tomorrow. It was a fun day!

I love to do the ditch days with the kids because it's a chance to do one on one with each kid. I love to see what they pick out to do. I also get a kick out of the conversations when they are apart from their siblings. They never cease to amaze me or totally crack me up. They each have such quirky personalities that make me giggle and love them even more. Thanks for the fun day. Now it's almost time for Sam's turn. Can't wait to see what that little monkey picks to do.

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