Monday, February 15, 2010

Family Hiking Fun!

Sam has been asking if we could go on a hike. We finally relented and told him yes. Now when I say hike not a hike like my bro Richard hikes. I am soooo not doing those. My idea of a hike is a nice and easy trail. We looked up San Tan Regional Park and found some nice and easy trails to start. We only did one today but it was alot of fun. The kids enjoyed it and the day was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! We decided that we enjoyed it so much we will have to keep on doing them. Heck maybe one day I will actually be in shape. Bwahahahaha JK! I know I must of scared some of ya with that statement:)

Here we are getting started
Hmmmmm....What left that scat on the trail????
So pretty
Taking a break

Thank heavens Sam was there to help his poor mama out!
Love the views
Utah Bride pose for Lesa and Marcy
More pretty views
Matt and Riley wouldn't wait for self portrait time
Love it!
See....I told you Matt and Riley wouldn't wait
Here we are pulling up the rear
Sam had to have a hiking stick
Poor butterfly didn't make it


McDougal Family said...

Fun!! Where was that hike at? That looks like something I could do!:) I'm not from AZ and I've always wondered where some easy hikes are that we could take the kiddos on. You'll have to let me know where to go!

Rubalcavas said...

How fun! I wish I could be out hiking...maybe one of these months...

The Dillon 6 said...

snakes snakes snakes

looks like fun, but snakes is all I can think of.