Thursday, September 10, 2009

What a good guy

So this past Saturday we went as a family to see Harry Potter and then we were going to go to Bill Johnson's Big Apple for some yummy BBQ and fried zucchini. Sam ended up getting sick during the movie and just wanted to go home. Needless to say my huge craving for fried zucchini was DENIED! We had a big adventure that night just getting something to eat and a long story short I was DENIED on Dunkin Donuts also that night. Matt knew how disappointed I was so today he surprised me at work with some YUMMY fried zucchini from Bill Johnson's today for lunch. Wasn't that just awesome of him?! Thanks dear...I loved it:)

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Kim Skinner said...

fried zucchini (or anything else fried for that matter) is one of my favorites!