Saturday, September 12, 2009

Good ol' house cleaning

To start this off I will tell you that I am a total control freak. Shocking I know. I have to do things my own way and I STRESS when it is done different than what I'm used to. Needless to say I usually do most of the house work by myself. I have felt for sometime now that it is a disservice to the kids because they are not learning to help themselves. Well that changed today finally. I am proud to say that the kids finally learned some good old manual labor to use in their own homes someday. I tell ya it was totally killing me and took much, much longer than normal, but I'm glad I'm finally passing the buck on some of this stuff. Here are pictures to prove it:)

Matt was going to cut the grass and Sam wanted to be just like dad
Note that he is wearing safety goggles, hat and using a pink jug to water the vines
Kristina learning some mad skills in cleaning the bathroom
Give me all your money! ha ha
Riley complaining the whole time how heavy the vacuum is
Sam was totally loving this
After he was done he wanted to do it again


Auburn said...

I'm the same! I hate it when Lily wants to help because I want it done my way, quickly and the RIgHT WAY ;o)

Kyla said...

Dude... teach them at MY HOUSE!!!

Kyla said...

teach them at MY HOUSE!