Friday, February 1, 2013

We took a trip to Utah!!

So this past July we decided we needed to take a trip to UT to visit our favorite Boyack family!  Lesa and I have been besties ever since we were nannies many, many moons ago.  It also just so happens that her kids and our kids are all just about the same age.  I was the only one that has been to UT and that was way back when I was a teen.  Needless to say we were uber excited.  We had such a good time (even though Matt hurt his rumpus the first day there).  We love that family and hope that we didn't drive them crazy so we can come and visit again!!

On our way!
 I hate bridges!  This one scared the holy heck out of me!
 I'm thinking they were up to no good here.
 Just chilaxing
 Love these two!!  Aren't they cute?!
 Quite the crew!
 Ummmm....Let you decide what is happening here.....

 Poor decrepit Matt....

 Loved the views!
We love and miss you Boyacks!!

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