Sunday, June 10, 2012

Birthiversary getaway!

For Matt and I's birthday and anniversary we decided to go to one of our very favorite places to visit, Disneyland!  We waited until May because we didn't want to go at Spring Break time when it is uber busy.  We had a great time as always.  The crowds weren't too horrible and the weather was awesome!  If you wanna see more pics you really should be my FB friend:)

CA Adventure before it opened.  I so want to go back soon since they are finally opening everything up again.  Plus I am dying to see CarsLand.

Poor Matt.  He was by himself cuz I was still in bed.  Doesn't he look so lonely?!

Before I got soaked.  Note to self...when you have a poncho in your backpack, use it dummy!!

After and totally drenched.  Took all day to dry.

Small World!

Walk In Walt's Footstep Tour.  Highly recommend it. 

Inside Club 33!!!

Small World and our tour guide Omar.  He was great!

One of the original flowers in the Tiki Room

One of my very favorite rides.  I could go on this over and over.

Fun way to ride the train around Disneyland.

What?!  We are important people and need to take our texts and phone calls....

Riding in the front of the monorail.  Matt was happy!

Hidden Mickey!  Can you see it?

All made of Legos.  Isn't that incredible?!

Same with this one.

Love you Disneyland!  Until we meet again....

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