Saturday, May 7, 2011

Middle Child Getaway!

So the thing is my children LOVE Disneyland! I mean come on now they are my children so it should be that way, right? They always want to go to Disneyland. Again they are my children so makes total sense. Any who Riley has had money that she saved up for Christmas and her birthday and all she wanted was to go to Disneyland. Matt said why not since I still had my annual pass. When we asked her if that was what she wanted to do the poor girl started to cry and said please don't joke like that. Needless to say that is what we did. I mentioned the idea to my wonderful friend Annette and she said it sounded like a great idea!! I asked if she wanted to come along and sure enough she did! So Riley, Annette, Jess (Annette's granddaughter), and myself had a nice vacay to our favorite place to go and since we are all middle children we decided to call it the middle child getaway!! We had such a great time. Thanks Annette and Jess for coming and putting up with Riley and I. I hope to do it again real soon:) Enjoy the picture overload!

1st day there and boy are we excited!

waiting for one of Riley's very favorite rides

This one is out of order but we are waiting for the fireworks. This is one of the main things Riley wanted to see and it was almost canceled. We were so happy it wasn't! Whew!!

So many changes at CA Adventure

2nd day

Oops! Cut Jess out. Sorry!

Waiting for one of my favorite rides!

Last ride of the trip:(

So busy our last day there

These last pictures are from Riley's camera. She's quite the photog!

Bye, bye Disneyland! Until we meet again. Thanks for all the fun memories......

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