Sunday, October 24, 2010

Poor Sam, brave Sam

As many of you have heard we had quite the adventure on our vacation at Disneyland over Fall Break. On the morning of our third day, as we were getting ready to leave, Sam tripped over the cord of my hair flat iron. He reached out and grabbed it trying to help out. Needless to say those things are stinken hot. Matt screamed at him not to but it was too late. The screams out of my poor boy were horrible. He was convulsing in pain and crying so hard. Nothing makes you hurt more than when your child is in pain. After prayers and some time just holding him he announced he was ready for the day. Holy cow that kid is tough. I gave him some Tylenol and bandaged him up because it didn't look too bad. After the day spent with the Mouse we came back and took off the bandage. Holy cow the blister was huge! He had a rough night and when he woke it was even bigger. We headed over to the Disneyland 1st aid and they sent us to Urgent Care. After lancing the blister and giving us prescription cream and meds we headed back to Disney. The kid hadn't cried since the incident just so you know. When we got back from vacay we headed to our regular doctor which they then sent us to the Burn Center. Who knew it was so bad. Insert guilt now. They were wonderful there and sent us home with supplies and a splint since he wasn't healing quite right. We are waiting for a follow up on Wed. and hopefully the kid will be back to normal soon. After seeing how deep the burn was and cleaning it twice a day I have to tell you my boy is one tough cookie!! I would be bawling my eyes out everyday. I love you Sam-man!

1st night
Next morning
Disneyland 1st aid center
Anaheim Urgent Care

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CASSIE said...

O-U-C-H!!! Poor kid! Way to be tuff Sam!