Monday, August 9, 2010

1st day of school...8/9/10!

Today was the 1st day of school. I swear summer just started. Kristina officially started High School...Yikes! Riley started Middle School....another Yikes! Sam is in 3rd grade. They were all excited but they didn't want to admit it and a little nervous. So far the school year started out great. I take the day off because I like to take them all to school and be here to pick them up. Kristina had to be out the door at 5:40am for early morning Seminary. Did I mention that both her and I HATE early morning. This should be interesting as the school year progresses. Riley has to catch her bus around the same time Sam needs to be at school so at least I can take them both. Now I tried to pick them all up after school. Kristina was first and I got her with no problems. Matt was worried she would be embarrassed that we were there. Ha! She didn't want to walk in the heat. Sam was next on the list then Riley. When I left to get Riley at the bus stop the school called and said they were running late. We came home and waited a few minutes. I left to go get her but went around the block and ended up missing her. Darn it! At least I tried. I sure hope this year turns out to be great! So far so good:)

Kristina bright eyed and bushy tailed so early:) (I think it is time for a haircut? What do you think? Geesh)
Sam and Riley before school
His thumbs up pose for his 1st day. Doesn't he look excited?!
Her excited for school pose! Silly girl.
Kristina after school. What is that a smile on your face????
At least I gave a Ryleigh a ride home. Too bad I missed picking up my own kid:)
Sam afterwards. He survived!
Riley home after her walk from the bus stop.
Good luck in the new school year kiddos!

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Rubalcavas said...

I can't believe you have one in highschool! Her pic cracked me up...she looked so excited.