Monday, November 2, 2009


We started off our Halloween fun at the costume parade at Sam and Riley's school on Friday. (sorry the pics are totally out of order and I'm way too tired to fix them.) We had a ward trunk or treat on Friday which Kristina attended but Matt and I had to do some other errands we just didn't have time to get to the rest of the week. Then on Sat. we let the festivities began. We carved pumpkins and played outside. It was an amazing beautiful day! The kiddos got dressed up and off they went trick or treating! We LOVE Halloween at our house. Hope you all had a grand day!

Kristina before the trunk or treat
Hermoine Riley. I know it is lame at school but did get better for the actual trick or treating.
Karate Kid Sam
The Pumpkin and her studly AquaBat!
What a crew!
Good looking group!
I love these kids
Kristina's creative picture taking skills
Matt and his HOT DOG pumpkin
Sam and his pumpkin
Riley and her pumpkin
Kristina and her pumpkin
Me, my chins, and Mickey!
another cheese
Aren't we hot?!
Craving the pumpkins


The Self's said...

Steve and I were so lame this year, we didn't even carve pumpkins. Now our kids hate us.

I just love your Mickey pumpkin. Maybe one Halloween I'll get some inspiration from you :D

CASSIE said...

How Studly you guys always are on halloween!

The Webbs said...

your so great dressing up, I am the worst during halloween. I hope you are doing great, I love the pumpkin carving, pretty amazing!