Friday, October 23, 2009

The Boyack's family visit!

The Boyack family came to AZ last Friday for a visit with the Buckos! Lesa and I have been friends since we were nannies at the same time many years ago. Lesa thought I was about time our families finally met. Luckily U2 was coming to town and that prompted the perfect time for a visit. We had a total blast the whole time they were here and my kids and my and I are really missing them. Here are some highlights of the visit! The whole clan at the temple!
These two were total peas in a pod! They had a fantastic time together.
Spencer wanting to join in on the fun!
All the good looking kids together:)
Aren't they cute?!
Wowza! Aren't we hot for a couple of old ladies?:)
Jordan being kind and reading to Kristina! ha ha ha
The Utah Bride pose in memory of Marcy who wasn't able to join us.
Poor Bill Johnson's Big Apple will never be the same with all those kids!
The kids did alot of this while here.
And had loads of fun outside!
Trying to figure out Riley's dang math homework.
Our fun afternoon of bowling.
Check out his game face!
Mark's form and mad skills!
Lesa doing her thang!
A touching mother and son moment....tear!!! ha ha ha
After all was said and done, we pooped poor Matthew B. out:)
We had such a great time with you Boyacks! Next time we are heading to Utah!!!!

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